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The White Horse Folk Club meets twice monthly at:   


As things are beginning to open up and meetings begin again we
have been thinking about the White Horse Folk Club and how best
to move forward.
So from 1st September 2021 we shall offer you all the chance to
meet and sing in a larger venue. 
This means that those who feel the need to sit further apart or
wear masks will be able to do so.
Our new venue until December will be St. Michael’s Hall Lechlade
Road Highworth SN6 7HQ and we will start at 7.30pm. 
The format for meetings will remain the same i.e. the first and third
Wednesday of each month.
We will not provide tea or coffee making facilities and ask you to
bring your own drinks. We do not intend to have a raffle. We are
looking at how best to manage the fees for the meetings.
As soon as we get the key we will revisit the Hall to decide how
best to manage the seating and we will send you more details
later. There is limited parking at the Hall.
ZOOM meetings, born out of necessity, have enabled us to draw
on a wider range of attendees and this has been very enjoyable.
Therefore we propose to continue with one Zoom session a month
on the fourth Wednesday.
At the end of the year we will review all of this and decide how we
So we anticipate a happy and noisy and tuneful September and to
see some of our club friends who have not been using Zoom,
Best regards Derrick and Chris and all of our little committee


We are a small welcoming and diverse group of people who meet to sing and play every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 8.00pm. We have singarounds and guest nights and a wide range of music is sung and played.

Visitors are most welcome.

For further information, contact:
Derrick Beer  01793 762070 or
Geoff Davies  01793 706753



UP IN FRONT SINGING -  Poem by  JonJo   


To be special for five minutes

Up on stage singing, out of tune but singing

People watching and listening

They understand, as they will have a go too


The height of fame, you did it, applause

And you watch others as they perform

Pleasure, and more pleasure as you applaud

No regrets, you got up and did it, so did they


The night ends, the night ends well

A night of music and song and friendship

You say goodnight.  The journey home

Tired, exhausted and happy


Next time, yes next time

More songs, more music, more friendship

Daily life, jobs, family, telly

But once again up in front, singing.


‘Twas The Night Before Christmas:  (Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore!)

‘Twas the night before Christmas at White Horse Folk Club,

Pete Arnel and his dog came straight in from the pub.

He’d had one or two and started singing off key,

His dog started howling, then peed on Pete’s knee.

Lyn and Julie were laughing and fell on the floor,

Crushing Brian’s guitar-he’ll play it no more.

Poor Brian sought comfort from Linden and Pete-

She played piano, he sang softly-how sweet?

Rob , of course, played Dylan-“Mr. Tambourine Man”,

Rose sang John Denver, she’s his number one fan!

Geoff was M.C. – he told jokes (and he sings),

But we all know it’s Maria pulling the strings!

Farmer John was up next with his jokes old and blue,

And Annie tripped over on her way to the loo,

But being a trouper she just started to sing,

And rather amazingly everyone joined in!

Leaders Chris and Derrick were consulting their list.

And Arthur and Ros? Well I’m sure they were pissed.

Sarah and Richard sang a Ralph McTell song.

Then Julian; but his intro just went on too long!

Colin was up next with his song “ Three in One”,

Then Wild Strawberries continued the fun.

JonJo sang of suicide- not much of a laugh.

So Ever Expanding Band finished the first half.

Then Chris and Maria doshed out the mince pies,

“But where is the booze?” the audience cries.

Barry hurried round dispensing wine and good cheer.

But Farmer and Colin said they’d rather have beer.

Dave P. read a poem- not sung but spoken.

Then Alan sang his song about heirlooms broken.

Dave polished his lens- it’s tele-o-scopic,

Then talked of exposures, his favourite topic.

“Oh please put it away!” is what Bryony said,

“Behave and you’ll get a quick flash just before bed!”

Rod played Jew’s harp, as Judy tickled the keys.

Then denim clad Dave’s blues was good all agreed.

Geoff Bowman’s fingers just flew from fret to fret,

And Terry and Jen sang a comedy duet.

Laughter loud and raucous from the audience came,

As usual the “Naughty Corner”, they got all the blame.

Woody reminded us he was a “Lucky Man”,

And poet Geoff cleverly made poignant words scan.

Dream Catcher, Paul and Duncan, they all did their bit,

And as always Val and Steve were a musical hit.

Bob huddled in the corner he looked quite bored.

Geoff firmly gripped his Mervyn Penny Award.

Dave G. and Three United sang Iris Dement,

And all agreed it was an evening well spent.

As we left, an old man in red, came into sight,

Saying “Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”


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